Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moving Again???

Move Again? Sure, I have nothing else to do. I don't need my kids to get settled. What a nightmare. But I think in the end it is a good decision. We were quite happy with our house here, but just as the movers were arriving with our shipment, the Company called and asked if we wanted to check out another house. We probably should have said no but we didn't. We went to look at it and really liked it. It is a bit bigger than this one but the really great part is the pool, the gym and the maids quarters. We've found out that it is cheaper to have a live in maid rather than have a part time maid once a week and a babysitter once a week. So we are seriously considering that. Can you imagine? I could go get my hair done when ever I want. I could go to the gym everyday with no excuses? I'll look fantastic!!!! So be patient with us, we may not have phone/internet for a few weeks. We will keep you all updated with the changes as we find out dates.

Doha Style

We've learned that a lot of things are different in Doha. We are learing bit by bit to do things "Doha Style". Everything here is so family friendly. The restraunts (including my favorite Chili's) have playplaces in them as well as most of the malls. Here are some pictures of the kids having a ball Doha Style.

Doha Style

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Saundra

Happy Birthday! We love you!