Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trip to the Zoo

We finally went to the zoo today. It has been too hot to enjoy since we arrived and the weather (72 degrees) has been so nice we couldn't resist. The kids had a wonderful time. They have a huge playground at the zoo and the kids didn't want to leave.

I know you aren't interested in the pictures of the zoo animals so I've included pictures of my animals.

Doha Zoo

Answer to the Question.....

Did Gemma ever grow hair? Well yes and no. It is funny to look back at pictures of Maya and look at Gem now. Maya had so much hair and we've just been waiting and waiting for Gem's hair. Well it is still light (Brian is waiting for the results of the paternity test) and curly. We had to take this picture against the white wall to even be able to see it!

At least she has come a long way from this! Do any of you still blame me for shaving her head? Thanks for the assist on that Talya!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursdays with Maya

I had a long conversation with Maya today on our way back from the grocery. She is so funny she cracks me up and always keeps me on my toes. She started telling me that she was going to marry her friend Lewis and he would work and she would stay home and take care of the baby. What I didn't realize was that she meant now not when they grow up.

She then asked me how babies come out of your tummy. Stunned I told her that you go to the doctor and he/she takes it out. She said, OK but how. So I took the easy road and told her that there are a few ways but some Mommies have the baby taken out through and incision in their tummy like our friend Tracey (Lewis' Mommy).

She then asked if her and Lewis could have Gemma as their baby because she didn't really want to carry a baby in her tummy. I told her that they could borrow Gem but I really liked her and didn't want to give her away. She then asked me to make another one for her and Lewis. I explained to her that I already did that twice and really didn't care to do it again. She told me that wasn't a problem because Tracey would make them one. Did I mention that Tracey has a 4 week old baby? I don't think she will do it for them either. But I didn't mention that....

Egypt Wow!

What do you say about Egypt? It is a lot like the Grand Canyon, you've seen many pictures but they just don't do justice to seeing it first hand. The Pyramids were right outside our hotel. Thanks honey! Gemma had a hard time with the lack of sleep and traveling. So yes, we gave in and let her have her binky. But hey, she was happy and better yet, quiet! Maya is Maya. Just haming it up all the time. She is a trooper and has always been a good traveler. They did sleep 13 hours last night and Mommy and Daddy got almost as much.

We did not have enough time to go Luxor and see the Valley of the Kings. Perhaps next trip. Oh wait. I forgot we swore to never return based on the mess at the airport leaving the country. Maybe we will forget that part!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Egypt Trip