Friday, March 5, 2010

Pictures Don't Do Justice

We've been having a rough week at the Ponte house! Yesterday Gemma was playing at the neighbors house jumping on a bed. Well as graceful as my girls are, Gem fell hitting her face on the foot of the bed. She cried forever. I knew it was going to be bad. She has a big bump on her forehead and another just under her eye. Then this morning we woke up to the black eye!

Today, Maya and I were baking "healthy pumpkin cookies" (pretty good if I do say so myself). I took a pan out of the oven just as Maya touched the cold pan that I was getting ready to put into the oven. I asked her "what if that were the hot pan?" Got no response from her and turned around to deal with the cookies. Then I heard the screaming. Maya decided to smell the hot cookies. Unfortunately she isn't quite tall enough to clear the oven and the hot pan. She seared all of the skin off of her chin. What is next?

Mock Sushi

I haven't been posting much lately because Brian keeps stealing my thunder by posting things on his Facebook account before I can get them on my blog. Men! But I've decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and post anyway. Last week Maya and I made sushi for the girls for dinner. I saw a peanut butter add for peanut butter and jelly sushi. You simply take a piece of white bread, cut off the crust and roll it flat with a rolling pin. Add your toppings and you have kid approved sushi. We made peanut butter and jelly (Gem's favorite), Mexican (refried beans and cheddar cheese) and Italian (pizza sauce and mozzarella). I'm working on a Middle Eastern one with Hummus but I'm not sure what to put with it. Any ideas?