Sunday, August 9, 2009


These pictures remind me of the book, Olivia forms a Band. In it they are leaving for the fireworks and Olivia's Mom tells her to get ready. Olivia says, Just a minute I need to put on my makeup. Olivas Mom stands there for a minute and says, Makeup? Then there is this wonderful picture of Olivia in full red lipstick. Gatta love little girls in makeup.

So that is what that drain is for...

We have been inside for quite a while. Temp got up to 118 again today. Miserable! So I'm looking and looking for things to do with the kids inside. I got a sand and water table but they didn't have any sand today so I figured we could just do it in the kitchen sans sand. After all there is a drain in the floor. What else could that possibly be for? I think by the time we were done (2 hours later) there was about 5 gallons of water on the floor apparently the drain isn't in the lowest part of the floor. I'm starting to think this is not what that drain is for. But I had some happy kids. Worth the mess? You bet.