Monday, September 1, 2008

Back On-Line

We are back on-line. It took forever but Q-Tel came out and we are up and running again.

We (OK lets tell the truth, I) have all of the boxes unpacked and we are living like normal people again. Maya seems much more at ease with her things around the house and seems more settled. Of course the moment I typed that she started screaming at me. But anyway.....

We've meet a friend. Her husband works with Brian and they have a son that is almost 3. Maya and Louis get along quite well and we are so happy to have found some friends.

Brian is working LONG days and I'm sure it is hard on him. I think Maya misses him the most. She sure loves her Daddy and needs to spend time with him. Last weekend she took Gemma on a outing with Daddy to teach Gemma how to "do Daddy-Time". She is so cute.

We've planned two trips one in October to Istanbul and one in December to Cairo. It looks like both of our big girls will be coming for Christmas and I can't wait for that. Maya told me the other day that she is trying really hard not to miss Saundra because she knows she will be coming back soon.

Gemma is growing and learning new things everyday. She has one moler in and is getting another one. I always wanted a baby like Tyson and I think I got one. When she is tired, she picks up her Cuddle Bear and goes to the stair gate and shakes it. I ask her, "do you want to go kiki?" She says, Yeah and I take her to bed. She is growing some hair and it looks like it will be curly like Maya's. She still has a problem with falling on her head. Last weekend Maya accidentally pulled over the shopping cart with Gem in it. Gemma went over on the tile floor face first. That was finally healing and she fell at Dairy Queen yesterday and re-bruised it. Poor baby.

Ramadan started yesterday and we will have to see how we survive.