Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok I admit it, I'm obsessed with this look a like meter. I wanted to use an older picture of Maya to see if her looks are changing. She now looks 18% more like me, so I deleted the other one and kept this one. I did me and my parents and I look 11% more like my mom than my dad. I guess everyone that says I look like a Skinner was wrong!

Ponte Look-alike Meter

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Look A Like Meter

OK, I admit it. I deleted the first one of Gemma because I didn't like the picture of me. How vain. But it did say that she looks 12% like me rather than 6%. Maybe I should do Maya's again. If she looks more like me maybe she will have a temper more like her Dads. That is to say NO temper rather than my ugly temper. I just hope that my girls don't have my fat legs, firey tember and do have their fathers intelect. We will just wait and see. I can say honestly that I hope they turn out a lot like their big sisters, who I am so proud of and love to death. Can't wait to see you girls in June.

Ponte Look-alike Meter

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