Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Official

Well the moment we've all been waiting for and in some cases dreading, Brian got his tickets yesterday and will fly out to Doha on Sunday the 22nd. This sure makes it more real. I'm so going to miss him. And I know so will the girls.

We've been going through clothes, toys, books etc and giving them to a company that helps kids in need. Maya was so grown up this morning and went through all of her toys and books and made the decision to give a bunch of things to the kids that need them. I have never been more proud of her.


I asked Maya what she wanted for dessert yesterday, Cookie, Ice Cream, etc. She wanted to have cherries. Only my kid. She loves fruit of any kind. What kid do you know would pick fruit over ice cream? She has obviously taught Gem to love them too! Mommy quickly learned that when we eat cherries, we eat them in our undies! I wouldn't want to keep Maya up with those stains!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Yes, that is the window!

Yes, that's my baby and yes that is the family room window. She couldn't stand that Daddy was outside mowing the yard and she couldn't see him. What a monkey!

Children's Museum

We had the most fun at the Portland Children's Museum. It is the best! The girls did not want to leave. We actually were glad it was raining to give us a chance to go! What fun.

Portland Children's Museum

Talya's Graduation

We had such a great time at Talya's graduation. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments. The after party was great and were so happy to share this day with her. Good luck Talya!


Sandia Peak

After the pool we were half way to Albuquerque so we decided to go take the tram. Sandia tram is the longest tram in the world. It was really beautiful but cold at the top!

Sandia Peak

Santa Fe Community Center

I love the Community Center in Santa Fe. They have the best pool around. We were able to go with Daddy on the 30th of May. What a blast. It was hard to get the girls out of the pool.

Chavez Community Center