Friday, May 29, 2009


We spent the day in Vienna yesterday. Once again the girls were really good. We sent to the Strombrunn Palace. We spent 5 hours there and still didn't see everything. They had a play place for the children and a zoo on the palace grounds. What an amazing place. Maya did announce that I was not the perfect mother (what a surprise is she just now figuring that out?) and she was no longer my kid. When I told her I understood and kissed her goodbye and wished her luck on her quest to find the perfect mother she decided I would be OK to stay with while she looked for her. Lucky me. What do I do when she figures out that Oba is the perfect mother and wants to stay with her? Humm must cancel trip to Utah.

Monday, May 25, 2009

We are Here!

We just arrived in Bratislava Slovakia. What a trip. The little ones were so good. We lucked out and got two rows of 4 seats each on the plane. Both girls were able to lay down and sleep. Which was great because we left Doha at 11pm and arrived in Amsterdam at 6am. We then got in the rental car and drove to Nurmberg Germany. The German countryside is so beautiful. We got a cute little 2 bedroom apartment in Bratislava and are getting settled in. We are now off to the grocery store to feed the girls dinner and then to bed. Will try to post pictures soon.