Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Over

We have had a long fabulous winter (i.e. enjoyable season). The hot weather has been put off until now. Bummer!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Finally all of the stress and waiting is over. Maya was accepted to the American School Doha (ASD)! Now I just need to get her to want to take the bus.... Congratulations Maya for doing sooo well at the assessment. Little smarty pants!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


They say confession is good for the soul, so . . . I have a closet addiction. Something I hide from my friends, my family, even my husband. I'm not proud of it, it is something that I can't control. I go day to day wondering, plotting, planning how I can get away from my family and get another hit. I'm ashamed to admit I even have my children addicted. Had I not gotten them involved, I may never get the chance to get more. What kind of mother am I? I lie awake a night thinking about it. Wondering when I can get another one. Can I get one at this hour? Would Brian notice if I slipped out in the middle of the night?

Each time I get away alone, I drive over to where I know I can get my fix. I pull into the parking lot. I nod to the guy in the orange shirt. That is our sign, that is how I know who has what I need. He knows he can hook me up. He walks over to the window, I slowly roll it down glancing around to see if there is anyone there that I know. He asks me if I want the usual, I nod. He slowly walks inside, not drawing attention from anyone else around. I wait, hands shaking, heart racing, soon all of the longing will be over and I will be happy again, if only for a few moments. It seems like forever until he returns. He has it, exactly what I want, need. I slip him the money once again glancing around to ensure no one sees me getting my fix. I take a hit, it is every bit as good as the last time. I relish it. I slowly pull away, taking the long way home trying to finish before I get back and my family knows where I've been.

Here it is, my addiction it all its layered glory.

The perfect Al Mandarin Juice Cafe layered cocktail. Mango juice on the bottom, followed by avocado juice (I know what you are thinking but you have no idea just how fabulous this is), followed by strawberry juice, all topped off with coconut juice. I've had 6 of these in the last 7 days. I told you I was sick. Do I need to go to a 12 step program for each layer? This is what I love about Doha. The Al Mandarin Hammad Cocktail with Coconut.