Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Actual Conversation

This is a typical conversation with Maya:

Mommy, "Who was slamming the doors upstairs?"
Maya, "it was me"
Mommy, "Honey we have talked and talked about this. Those doors are so heavy that if you catch someone's fingers, it will hurt them really bad, maybe even cut off their finger."
Maya, "I know"
Mommy, "Then what are we going to do to help you to listen to me?"
Maya, "Maybe we need to make my ears bigger. Or your mouth bigger and louder. One of the two.

Anyone out there think my mouth needs to be bigger or louder? No? Ok anyone know an ear surgeon?

Supermarket Mishap

This morning Gemma and I were at the grocery store. They just got a bunch of car carts and she was inside driving and honking. A few minutes later I heard her say, Look at me Mommy, I'm driving. I absentmindedly said wow, you are a big girl. Just as I got this out of my mouth I looked next to me and there was an adult small person (not sure of the politically correct word here) glaring at me. I just stood there stunned as I realized she thought I was talking to her. I don't think she even noticed Gem sitting in the "car". So I just smiled very politely and kept telling Gemma what a good driver she was and walked away. How embarrassing.

Super Bunny

Gemma is such a character. She is always pretending to be a cat, a frog, a dog etc. The other day she asked me where her cugga was. I told her that I didn't know. Her response? "Don't worry Mommy, Super Bunny can find it!" Next thing I knew she had her Dora blanket and asked me to tie it around her neck like a cape. I did as requested and she was off shouting, Supper Bunny to the rescue! A few minutes later here she came with her Cugga in tow. Or should I say Super Bunny came back with her cugga!