Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun Trip

Wow, we had a great trip. But it is also great to come home. I can't believe we will only be here for 6 days until the girls and I have to do it all over again but 3 times longer. Someone kill me! Where is Saundra when I need her? She is what made it bearable when we came here last summer. Oh well.

Posted a bunch of pics on the slide show. Make sure to hover with your cursor over the pic so you can see the captions. Then you will know why there is a pic of the Burger King drive thru menu. Can I get one of those in my kids meal?

European Vacation

Sunday, May 31, 2009


We drove down to Budapest yesterday, wow, what a city. You could spend weeks there and still not see everything. I am in LOVE with this city. Today was back to Vienna. Sadly tomorrow is our last day in Bratislava and then it is back to Germany and Amsterdam. Will try to post some pictures tonight after the little ones go to sleep!