Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm posting this mainly to blow Monica's mind. (She doesn't think I do anything with a sewing machine!) Anyway, we have this really strange place under our stairs in the living room/dining room. It is basically wasted space so I made it into the kids play place when we moved in. They keep asking me to hang blankets and things so they can have a fort in there. So that got my wheels turning. I decided to try to make that space into a playhouse. It was cuter and better sewn in my mind, but I made it for them out of love. Now onto the other side....

The Little Things

I've come to realize that it is the smallest things in life that truly make us happy. Having two straight days where the girls play nicely with each other without fighting and finding BAGELS at the grocery store after a year of searching. The girls were so excited about the bagels (magels) they ate them for lunch.

Yea, Life is good.