Thursday, March 18, 2010

Afternoon at the Beach

After the concert we went to the beach. For people that used to go 3 times a week it is odd to admit that that this is the first time we've been since moving here. We will definitely make this a regular weekly trip. We had a great time.

Mother's Day Concert

Today was the Mother's Day Concert at Maya's school. No you didn't forget Mothers Day! The Brits celebrate it in March. What a wonderful end to the semester and Maya's year there. Maya made me a beautiful necklace, a bouquet of daffodils, a picture and a card. We got to listen to 12 wonderful songs. We will sure miss Miss Simone and ElderTree!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Joys of Motherhood

When Gemma woke up this morning she told me her ear hurt. I kept telling myself that she couldn't possibly have an ear infection, she just got off antibiotics on Monday. By the time we got home from taking Maya to school Gemma was crying telling me her ear still hurt and she didn't feel good (something she NEVER says!). Had a quick shower and took her to the doctor when it opened at 9. Sure enough ear infection plus she still had the upper respiratory infection she was originally taking the antibiotics for. Gemma has decided that she hates the doctor and he is scary. Not true, the nicest person in the world. She told me she didn't need to see the doctor she just needed a vitamin. Anyway she proceeded to get so upset at the doctor's office during her exam that she started projectile vomiting. Of course her first target was me for taking her to the doctor in the first place. Then she just continued to spray his entire office. I didn't think she'd had that much to eat that morning. So we left his office covered in vomit smelling lovely. As we left the hazmat team came in to clean up.

Then on to the Pharmacy, they didn't have the antibiotic he prescribed so I took her home cleaned us both up and went in search of the antibiotic. 3 Pharmacies later the lady told me I would not be able to locate that in Doha. Apparently all bottles expired and the Pharmacies pulled it off the shelves.

Back to the doctor where I waited for 45 minutes for him to finish with a patient. Got new prescription and back home. Sure hope this baby feels better soon. She is so pitiful when she is sick. She breaks my heart.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teacher Appreciation

Sadly, Thursday is Maya's last day of school. She wanted me to make something for her teacher and teachers aid. We found a picture of similar items on the internet. Sorry can't give credit where credit is due as I didn't save that info. Maya has been very specific as to what needs to be done, so I took her shopping with me. I think she is pleased with the results. Hopefully Miss Simone and Miss Alma will be as well.