Saturday, November 29, 2008

The End Has Come

This game was lots of fun for us hope it was for you too. I tell you I have a new respect for Lezlie. If I wasn't related to her, I would wonder if she was arabic. I really thought TCBY was going to be a hard one needing lots of hints. How does she do it? She deserves a fabulous prize.

Congratulations to Lezlie for winning the game and to Jackie for being the runner up!

We had a real nice Thanksgiving today. We ended up having store bought frozen pie but it all turned out great. It is so nice to be surrounded with friends when you can't be with your family.

Loving you all from across the world!

Last But Not Least

Wow Lezlie, I honestly don't know how you get these. I live here and I have trouble remembering what I took the pictures of! Ok, I've been saving this one for last because I think it is really hard. Hopefully it is a challenge.


Lezlie is back on the computer and took that last round. As promised, I will stop the game today but I have 2 more that I want to use so I'll post them both today. Lezlie & Jackie may want to start thinking of what they want from Egypt. I don't think anyone can catch them at this point (but don't let that stop you from playing). Ü

Ok, on to 24!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Last round goes to Rosemary and Jackie. Lezlie better stop shopping and man her computer if she wants to keep her lead. By the way, I expect a full account of all the great deals you got today.

Here is 23!


Looks like Susan is back! I've been trying to lure my Dad to Doha with pictures of Cold Stone (his fave!). We now have 2 locations that just opened. Hopefully it will work! Did I mention that they have his favorite coffe ice cream? (Lure, Lure, Lure)

Hope you all made it through Thanksgiving and did not eat yourselves into a coma! Enjoy your Black Friday shopping. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't mess up dinner. I've invited 7 people over!

This one needs NO introduction. This is one of the reasons I agreed to come over here!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I finally have proof that my Mom and Dad read my blog. Yahoo! Congratulations. Thought Ty would get that one!

Happy Thanksgiving. #21


Gee I practically gift wrapped that one for Susan and she still didn't get it! Yes Tyson, it is Fuddruckers. (Boy you have to be careful typing that one, you can make one nasty typeo!) The best burger place in the world. I think. I haven't been to this one yet. Maybe tonight, it is date night. Yahoo!

Ok on to #20, I'm quite certain Ty won't have to look this one up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Good Job Jackie! Good guess Lezlie but sadly no Kmart here. This one is a little something for Susan.


Another one for Lezlie. I'm starting to think she has a secret life as an abaya clad Qatari woman! It looks like interest is waning. So we will end this on Sunday!

On to #18

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


One point to Saundra for Arbys and one point for Lezlie for Coffee Beanery. Sorry I'm so late in posting. I actually got up, went to the gym and worked out. Did hell freeze over? I don't know...

Easy one....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Inspected By Customs!

In case anyone was wondering why I don't trust the mail here, attached is an example of why. Please note the completely opened package, not resealed and totally ripped to bits. I guess I should just be grateful that a rubber stamper/scrapbooker doesn’t work at the Qatar Post Office! I get that I'm an adult and these are toys but not the kind that requires this kind of scrutiny!

Lezlie this is a sneak preview of your birthday card that will not be there on your birthday. See tiny corner of card. Didn't realize it was there!


I didn't think anyone would get that last one without several hints! Jackie guessed correctly with Lexus.

I was thinking that we need to have a definate end to this contest because I don't think I will run out of pictures before you all run out of interest! So, I was thinking that December 5th would be the day. That is unless you stop playing before hand. That way, I can get the winner something fabulous in Egypt. I was also thinking I would have a 1st runner up prize as well. With Lezlie's skill at playing the game, I think we should have some incentive for everyone else!

So on to #16 a ridiculously easy one! Extra point for the person that can tell me what the other sign in the picture is. Not Arabic but lets see just how good you are....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Through the Cracks!

It looks like we slipped through the cracks! We were honored to be asked to be Godparents to Stacey Allison Smith. An adorable baby that we just love! Gemma was in attendance at the baptism she was just sleeping.


Congratulations Saundra! Yahoo! I actually got two correct answers 1 via comments (Saundra) and one via email. So I'm going to give a point to Saundra and one to Rosemary! Look out Skinner girls, the Ponte girls are on the job! I don't know if I have to say it but yes, the correct answer was tide.

So after an easy one comes a hard one. Brian came home with this picture the other day. Of course I got it right away but then again, I recognized the building! Ü


And another one goes to Lezlie. How does she know all of this? I dont know. It was Oreos. The interesting thing is they were milk chocolate rather than dark chocolate. Do you have them in the states? Yummy! I made the executive decision to give Monica another point for the 2fer she got the other day. Just to make it a bit more interesting!

Ok on to a super easy one, better be fast or have Lezlie tied to a chair.